Visual arts
Daniel Gorvett, artist in Barnstaple, Bideford.
paintings & creative writing
Insights and ruminations into the landscapes that shape understanding of a world.  
A journey of exploration into culture, history, nature and philosphy using mixed mediums of expression and thought. 
In this space you will find written words, paintings and digital art that encompass a reflective process.
Initially inspired by a grandfather who post First World War had found relaxation and refuge in painting, my journey into art had begun.  For me, working through a creative project is theraputic and offers clarity in thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 
The images you will see here are all results of personal change, connections from my work as a clinician and influences from journeying into history and culture.
Being partly deaf has forced me to observe the world in a different way, having a sense that has been narrowing from an early age has led to an exploration in visual art that litrally has become making sense of it all! 
Here are my findings, I hope they inspire, challenge and provoke as much in you as they have for me.  
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